Will steaming my face get rid of blackheads?

Steaming is an effective way of removing blackheads permanently. The steam promotes blood flow to the pores, therefore dilating them. In other words, the steamer opens the pores. With your pores open, cleaning them will be a lot easier. Not only does your skin end up being more flexible, but it also softens the blackhead, which makes it come out faster and easier.

What triggers a blackhead?

People usually believe that blackheads are exclusively caused by germs. They wrongly think that if you get rid of the germs from your face, the blackheads will magically vanish. That is false.

There are millions of helpful bacteria living inside the pores of your skin. They clean up your face, among other things. Without these germs doing what they do, your skin would be oily and messy.

What is the real cause of blackheads?

Your skin secretes sebum, which is oil. The bacteria clean your face by feeding on the oils in the pores. The problem comes in when the dead skin cells are involved.

Your skin is full of dead skin cells. These cells can stack on each other and block the pores. This will mean that the bacteria will no longer access the oil inside the pores and will starve to death. After dying, they quickly start to decay. This mess causes a comedone, an infected pore, and hence a whitehead is formed. When the outer tip of the whitehead is exposed to air, it oxidizes and turns black. This black portion is what we call a blackhead.

But the blackhead just functions as a plug. It's just one part of the general comedone. It is just a cover with everything inside. When you get rid of the blackhead, you're simply removing the top. The contamination and infected pore do not vanish. Removing the blackhead, therefore, just reverts it back to a whitehead and in no time in willing form bad to a blackhead. This is why the blackheads keep coming back even after removing them.

Removing blackheads using the steaming technique

You'll require three items for this process to work: A facial steamer, A facial mask and A good moisturizer.

How to permanently remove blackheads?

Most people just treat the signs of a blackhead, which is why they keep returning. In order to remove a blackhead permanently, you need to clean it all up, not just the tip.

By using a facial steamer, and a few other items, you not only get rid of blackheads permanently but also prevent it. To remove blackheads permanently, we first need to understand why they keep coming back and how steaming helps.

How a facial steamer helps to remove blackheads?

Using a facial steamer is an effective way of removing blackheads permanently.The steam promotes blood flow to the pores, therefore dilating them. In other words, the steamer opens the pores. With your pores open, cleaning them will be a lot easier. Not only does your skin end up being more flexible, but it also softens the blackhead, which makes it come out faster and easier.The warm steam also makes you sweat making the face ready for the deep cleaning that follows.

Using the facial mask to remove blackheads

Thanks to the steam, your skin is now soft and ready to be cleaned up. This is where the facial mask comes in. There are many types of facial masks available in the market; charcoal masks, mud masks, oatmeal scrubs, etc. Which mask should you pick then?

The perfect mask for treating blackheads ought to:

Masks that have a combination of bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar are very effective when it comes to dealing with blackheads.The bentonite clay is a natural astringent. As the clay mask begins to dry, it pulls and yanks on your skin, causing the blackhead plug to tear away.

After this, the apple cider vinegar comes in to dissolve everything underneath thereby cleaning out the entire comedone. This also prevents new blackheads from forming in that place.When the mask dries, the dissolved mess stays with the clay and gets washed away when you remove the mask. The apple cider vinegar is reliable because it dissolves the dead skin cells. Water or other vinegar will not do this.

How to use steaming to remove blackheads?

There are many methods to use streaming to remove blackheads from the face. Below are two popular techniques of using steam to remove blackheads. You can choose any depending on the degree of blackheads you have and how sensitive your skin is.

Using steam for blackheads

What you will need for this method: One large bowl, Enough hot water, One big towel, Skin moisturizer, Face cleanser, Skin toner, A mild scrubber, and Normal water.

Procedure for using steam to get rid of blackheads

I. Clean your face properly. Do not steam your face if not properly cleaned. The steam will open up the pores, and in case there is any dirt on your skin the possibilities of the open pores getting blocked will be high causing more blackheads. Use clean water to clean the face and pat it dry.

II. Place your face about 10cm away from a bowl of steaming hot water. You can start from some distance and slowly move it closer. Then take a large towel and cover your face together with the bowl for approximately 10 minutes.  Always remember that the distance you keep in between the steaming bowl and your face is essential. Keeping your face too close to the steam can lead to inflammation while keeping it so far away will render the process useless as the effectiveness of the steam will be greatly reduced. Clogged pores will be opened by the steam making it possible to get rid of the dead cells, and dirt stuck within the pores.

III. After the steam session, scrub your face gently with a mild scrub. The scrubbing will remove the dead cells from the pores opened through steaming. Scrub for about 2 minutes and then wash off with regular water. Make sure you use a lot of water so that no dead cells remain behind. Then you use a clean towel to pat dry.IV. You don't want to leave the open pores like that. It will cause more issues. You need to close them up. After drying the face, soak a cotton ball in a toner and dab it onto the skin. Chilled pure rosewater is usually the best toner for this. Give the toner some time to dry off on your skin and then use a moisturizer. The rosewater will close up the pores efficiently while the moisturizer will balance any dryness caused by steaming.

Using steam for blackheads

This method is appropriately used as a follow-up method.Things that you will need: Enough hot water, 2 face towels, Face moisturizer, Face cleanser, Face toner, Face scrubber and Normal water.

Procedure for using steam to get rid of blackheads

I. Start with cleaning your face thoroughly with the face cleanser. Wash it off properly with normal water. No cleanser or residue should remain on the face.

II. Soak a face towel in hot water and squeeze out the water from the towel.

III. Place this towel over your face and take the hot steam coming out of it.

IV. Soak the other face towel in hot water, squeeze the water out and replace the towel on your face. You need to repeat this process for about 8 minutes.

V. After this scrub your face lightly with a mild scrubber, preferably homemade and then wash off with a lot of regular water.

VI. Use a natural face toner and a moisturizer to close up the open pores and balance the dryness.

Steaming face for acne and blackheads

How does a facial steamer improve acne?

A facial steamer improves circulation

Facial steamers warm your skin thereby leading to relaxed the pores, dilating capillaries which in turn lowers your blood pressure, and motivates your pores to sweat. This is part of your body's natural function called thermoregulation.

A facial steamer leads to healthy skin cells

By enhancing your blood circulation, you are improving the rate at which oxygen and nutrients are given to your cells, and waste removed from them, which in turn enhances the health of your skin. The extra nutrients and oxygen offered to your skin cells suggest that cells can carry out their processes more efficiently. The more effective cells prevent the accumulation of toxic materials which can decrease your skin's health. This mix means that your skin ends up being more resilient in fighting germs; therefore, it can result in fewer breakouts.

A facial steamer expels blockages

Steaming opens and relaxes your pores. The steam will also promote sweating, which can loosen up and help to expel blocked pores and blackheads. The steam will soften the obstructions, so even if they do not come out of their own, they will be simpler to get rid of.

A facial steamer makes other acne treatments more effective

Steaming boosts blood flow and the turnover within cells. This means that you will have better results from topical items after steaming. Treatments can penetrate much deeper into your skin, and the items are metabolized faster. The best time to use a mask or moisturizers that clear the skin is straight after steaming.

A facial steamer helps you relax and avoid stress

Acne can be indirectly caused by stress. Steaming your face is exceptionally relaxing and can help you get a good night sleep. This will improve your resilience and general health.

Conclusion on using steam to get rid of blackheads

In order to contribute to the effectiveness of the procedure, you can include some drops of tea tree oil in the steaming water. This will ensure that any germ on your skin is eliminated successfully and will certainly decrease the risk of any type of skin infection including pimples and acne.

Frequent steaming can make your face dry. Hot milk has been used instead of hot water for this process. The hot milk steam has milk protein which will prevent any kind of skin dryness while offering all the benefits of steaming. Additionally, this can make your face more soft and supple.

Never steam your face over boiling water. Make sure you switch off the flames first. Putting your face directly over boiling water contributes to the chance of getting scalded. Moreover, if the flames are still on, the water gets hotter and hotter.  Always steam your face after it is properly cleansed and use a toner after the process.

Other ways of removing blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads?

Gently exfoliation to remove blackheads

Exfoliation for inflammatory acne might trigger more redness and irritation. However, for blackheads, regular exfoliation can help eliminate excessive dead skin cells that cause clogged pores. The process might likewise carefully eliminate existing blackheads. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) can do the job perfectly. Glycolic acid is the most common kind of AHA, and salicylic acid is a popular BHA. AHAs and BHAs work by peeling the top layer of your skin. This should improve wrinkles and age spots, all while cleaning pores and making your skin softer. BHAs are more available and affordable in the market compared to AHAs.

Clay mask for blackheads

Clay mask is essential for people with oily skin. They remove oil, dirt, and other elements deep from your pores. The mask can also loosen up the clogged pores. There are a variety to top quality masks in the market. No matter which mask you pick, you can use it once a week with your weekly exfoliating treatment.

Charcoal mask for blackheads

Charcoal masks work by extracting dead skin cells, oil, and other impurities. Charcoal improves the effectiveness of the mask. You can use it one a week.

Topical retinoids to get rid of blackheads

Retinoids are helpful for persistent cases of acne by unclogging the pores. This will also improve the effectiveness of other OTC medications as they will be able to reach the follicle.

Cleanse the blackheads with salicylic acid

Try over-the-counter products that have salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is the favored active ingredient for whiteheads and blackheads due to the fact that it breaks down the products that block pores: dead skin cells and excess oil. Using salicylic acid cleansers, you can get rid of excess oil, dead skin cells together with dirt and makeup. Consider using products with salicylic acid once a day when you start, preferably before bed. Then in the morning, you can use your normal cleanser. Slowly by slowly, the skin will get used to it, and that is when you can use it before and after bed. Salicylic acid is very strong, and some people can not use it daily. Stop using it if your skin is too sensitive and it keeps reacting to the acid.

A dermatologist can help you remove the blackheads

A session with a dermatologist to remove acne, including blackheads, could last anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks. If symptoms persist, the dermatologist may use alternative methods or tools to extract the blackheads professionally. They may even suggest a series of dermabrasion treatments or prescription retinoids to avoid blackheads from returning.

How to tighten skin?

To make our skin tighter, eat healthily, exfoliate your skin, limit UV exposure, and use

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