Will Melasma Ever Go Away?

What is melasma?

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Melasma is a common skin condition that leads to brown to gray-brown patches, forming on your face. A lot of individuals get it on above their upper lip, on their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, and chin. It also can develop on other parts of the body that are often under the suns exposure, for example, the neck and forearms.One of the most common solutions for melasma is protection from the sun. It translates to applying sunscreen each day and reapplying the sunscreen every 2 hours. Dermatologists also suggest wearing a wide-brimmed hat when you are out in the sun. Sunscreen on its own may not offer you the protection you need. Women are far more susceptible to melasma in comparison to their male counterparts. This disease is so common during pregnancy that melasma is sometimes called “the mask of pregnancy.” Hormones seem to trigger melasma.

Will Melasma Fade on Its Own?

Prognosis of Melasma

Melasma can disappear by itself, and topical treatments may assist if it doesn’t fade away. If you suffer from melasma as a result of something such as swallowing birth control pills or pregnancy, it may disappear after you’re no longer expectant or under that type of hormonal contraception, the AAD explains. But if that’s not what’s causing your melasma or you don’t want to alter your birth control procedure, there are some treatments your doctor may recommend.

What Treatment Procedure Will Help To Fade Melasma?

How Can a Dermatologist Treat Melasma?

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Hydroquinone is usually the first-line treatment procedure for melasma, according to the AAD. This medicine lightens skin by affecting melanin production in the targeted areas, and you can get it through non-prescription or in a prescription (the prescription-strength items will be stronger). Your derm might suggest triple combination therapy, which is a cream that combines hydroquinone with tretinoin (a powerful retinoid that suppresses melanin synthesis) and a corticosteroid (this can calm swelling from the other two components and stifle your melanocytes’ activity). Other choices are kojic and azelaic acid, which both also impede how your melanocytes function. Ensure you consult your doctor on what kind of side effects and red flags to look out for with these treatments, as they can sometimes lead to issues like irritation.According to the AAD, if not one of these tips does the job, your dermatologist may suggest dermabrasion, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser procedure, or a light-based treatment to try to get rid of your marks. According to doctors, it may take some persistence to land on the right melasma treatment for you. Even after you do, it may take months of constant application to see a difference. It’s frustrating, but don’t give up early since you do not know the outcome you desire.

Can I use Sunscreen Lotion For Melasma?

What is SPF ideal for melasma condition?

For an everyday sun protection factor (SPF) of a minimum of 50 that has physical blockers, like, zinc and titanium dioxide are recommended to block UV rays, but it is essential to have a sunscreen that also covers for UVA protection. Chemical blockers may not entirely prevent both kinds of UV-B and UV-A as effectively as titanium or zinc. The consistent use of sun protection enhances the effectiveness of melasma treatments.

How to Eliminate Melasma Using Supplements

Three Main Melasma Treatment You can do at Your Home

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Plenty of times topical treatments like lotions aren’t enough by themselves to begin fading away melasma and evening out your skin tone. To do away with melasma at times you have to manage what’s going on within the hormones present in your body. Regarding treating this condition from the inside, special supplements are ideal for this. Below are some of the best supplements for melasma :

MSM for Treating Melasma

Many people wonder how you can use MSM as a natural melasma treatment, but it’s beneficial for this chronic skin condition. First, you need to understand what MSM is? It’s natural sulfur that can be present in some of your daily diets. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is essential for developing healthy teeth, bones, hair, and nails. It’s considered by many to be a melasma cure since it brightens dark marks by increasing pheomelanin production (yellow melanin pigment) within your skin, which in turn over secretes the eumelanin (dark melanin color) so that your skin appears lighter.An alternative way it achieves its skin lightening effect on the skin is by increasing the sulfur levels within your body until you begin to witness your melasma disappearing. Also, if your melasma condition is as a result of a hormonal disorder such as high estrogen levels, then MSM supplementation will assist by reducing copper levels in your body. It is especially useful for you if you’re pregnant since pregnancy will increase the quantity of copper within your organization and raise the standards of your estrogen and lead to hyperpigmentation problems such as melasma.If you want MSM supplementation to be effective at fading away from your melasma, you’ll have to take a significant amount of it. We recommend starting small and then gradually increase your dosage until you begin seeing positive results. Start with about 200 mg MSM supplement and then gradually increase your dosage up to 5,000 mg every day. You may start to notice your melasma improving after reaching 2,000 mg and won’t need to increase your dosage any further. Swallow a capsule early in the morning when you first get up and another one later when you’re heading to bed. It may last averagely about three months to see the full effect of MSM supplementation on your skin surface.A different way you can use this supplement to do away with melasma is to spread some MSM cream onto the affected region daily. Other than being a good melasma medicine, MSM can also offer you additional benefits for your skin such as collagen production, reducing wrinkles, and tightening up saggy skin. There are no severe side effects concerning taking large dosages of MSM supplements. You may, however, develop headaches if you start off taking large dosages of it at the start.That’s why we recommend starting slowly and progressively increasing your dosage as time goes by to avoid developing minor side effects such as headaches. You may also observe that you gain a little weight in particular parts on your body like your boobs when you take MSM supplements for a long while.

Vitamin C for Melasma

Vitamin C is famous for its skin lightening impacts which is why it’ has a frequent use as an active component in skin lightening serums and lotions. Taking it in supplement form assists in doing away with melasma from the inside by increasing an antioxidant known as glutathione within your body. This powerful antioxidant assists in minimizing the appearance of melasma by reducing tyrosinase production, which results in less melanin formation in your skin. Similar to MSM you have to take large dosages of Vitamin C pills to achieve the skin lightening results you want.Start with a low dosage such as 200 mg and then gradually graduate to about 4,000 mg of vitamin C each day. Take the vitamin C supplements two times every day for a minimum of two months to start seeing useful results in your melasma appearance, for the best outcome use your MSM supplements with your vitamin C supplements for the perfect combo for fading away dark spots on your skin from the inside out. Vitamin C supplementation provides additional benefits for your skin such as minimized signs of aging, increase collagen production, and make your skin feel soft.

Flaxseed Oil To treat Melasma

If your melasma is as a result of hormone complications then swallowing flaxseed oil supplements every day can assist. Flaxseeds are rich in a phytoestrogen known as lignans, which can mimic estrogen in the body. It not only assists in breaking up melasma but also aids in promoting more healthy skin in general. You’ll need about 200 mg of flaxseed oil supplements every day for at least four weeks to see if it can assist in eliminating your melasma conditions. Whenever you swallow these supplements to treat melasma, you have to be patient and consistent with taking them daily. Taking particular supplements in conjunction with one another like vitamin C and MSM at high dosages can provide you with an ideal outcome.

How to tighten skin?

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