What is Olive Oil Good For?

This Olive oil is a fat acquired from the fruit of the Olive tree-botanical name, Olea europaea; which is a traditional tree crop in the Mediterranean climate. This unique oil comes about as a result of pressing whole olives. The oil is useful in cosmetics, soaps, medicine, and cooking and has also been functioning as a fuel for traditional lamps. This oil initially came from the Mediterranean region, but today its use is across the whole globe.In regards to cooking, you can eat olives whole or cut them up and add them to your preferred dishes. It is vital to state that not all olive oils are have the same components. Extra virgin olive oil is known as the best grade to deliver health benefits because it is the least processed of all olive oils; some people can refer to it as natural olive juice.

17 Benefits of Olive Oil

There are many advantages of olive oil. Weight loss, arthritis, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, and olive oil has a cure for it.What if we told you olive oil contains similar advantages as some of the commercial cosmetic substances? The following reasons are why you should prefer olive oil over all the chemical-laden skin creams in the market.

Olive Oil Contains Vitamin E, an Oxidant That Improves Skin Health

Olive oil contains vitamin E, which promotes skin health by treating inflammation, acne, and protecting the skin from severe ailments like skin cancer and psoriasis. Honey is a humectant while yogurt does perform the role of a mild peeler, thereby enhancing skin health. This oil contains a right amount of vitamin E, an antioxidant that guards your skin surface against various external factors like the wind or the harsh sun rays. Olive oil has a light texture of that makes it an excellent non-sticky moisturizer that stays for long and suits all skin types.



Olive Oil Contains Anti-Aging Features

As you age, your skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles. You can delay these signs of aging with olive oil.



Olive Oil is an Exfoliant That Softens Your Lips

We continuously exist in a world of social media, where we proudly post our selfies, showing off our pout. And if it has to be a pretty picture, you might as well take care of your lips. Did you know olive oil can make your lips both soft and pretty?



Olive Oil Heals Cracked Heels

Try olive oil if you are having a severe case of cracked heels. Peel away the dead cells in your heels using hot lemon water and rub olive oil on them generously for added smoothness and moisture. You can wear socks for quick relief.

Olive Oil Keeps Hair Healthy

Olive oil, in conjunction with a few other components, can perform wonders to keep your hair healthy. The oil contains a lot of vitamin E that aids in fighting hair loss. Honey moisturizes your hair. It also has other nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and vitamin B that helps your hair grow. The egg yolk has a lot of protein, a nutrient that is the main constituent of hair.



Olive Oil Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

Using olive oil while cooking can aid in stopping breast cancer.Thereu2019s a natural compound found in olive leaf, has potential anti-breast cancer features. Women who consume a diet containing olive oil are 62 percent less likely to contract breast cancer.

Olive Oil Helps Prevent Diabetes

Incorporating olive oil into your diet can assist in maintaining the balance in your blood sugar. A diet rich in polyunsaturated and mono fats, like the one that has olive oil, can help prevent diabetes. Consumption of olive oil has a link to a reduction in risk of diabetes in women.

Olive Oil Prevents Alzheimeru2019s

Oleocanthal present in olive oil can aid in preventing Alzheimeru2019s disease. Extra virgin olive oil improves learning and memory in mice, supporting the possibility of its replication in humans who have Alzheimeru2019s.

Olive Oil Strengthens Bones

In a study where men consumed a Mediterranean diet, there was an indication that olive oil might contribute to healthy bones. Their blood was found to have higher levels of osteocalcin, which was a sign of healthy bone formation.

Olive Oil Controls Cholesterol

By using olive oil, you can diminish the risk of severe cholesterol in your body. Olive oil has minimum levels of polyunsaturated and saturated fats. This feature gives it the quality to manage blood cholesterol levels in your body.

Olive Oil Relieves Constipation

Olive oil benefits the gastrointestinal colon and tract. The texture and consistency of olive oil assist in energizing your digestive system, allowing smooth peristalsis through the colon. When you take this oil on a regular basis, it helps in completely preventing constipation. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats. It assists in increasing mobility so that food can move through the colon without any issue. It also helps in speeding up prevents constipation and bowel evacuation.

Olive Oil Prevents Strokes

A study has proved that older people who have incorporated olive oil in their diet are 41% less prone to the dangers of strokes. It is common knowledge that strokes occur due to a blood clot in the blood vessels that link to the brain, which can even lead to brain damage and, eventually become fatal. Olive oil assists in diluting these clots, ensuring proper blood flow to the brain.

Olive Oil Acts As A Pain Relief

Whether itu2019s an internal or external injury; extra virgin olive oil is famous as a pain reliever. There is a compound called oleocanthal that is present olive oil; which makes it an anti-inflammatory substance that can cure any disease, whether chronic or topical.

Olive Oil Eliminates Dark Circles

Applying ice to your face can assist you in dealing with stubborn dark circles. What you need to do is boil some rose water and mix it with cucumber juice. Put this mixture in the freezer and then apply the ice cube to your eye region. But, you have to be patient, because the results donu2019t happen at the snap of a finger. It slowly takes effect, and you will need to repeat this procedure for a few days to see results.

Olive Oil Is An Easy Remedy For Heat Rashes

If youu2019ve suffered from heat rash before then, you know how painful it can get. Ice cubes are the best option for a natural remedy to treat your rashes condition. Cover them within a cotton cloth and rub over the affected region. It relieves the inflammation and heals the heat rashes.

Olive Oil Exfoliates Your Skin

In regards to shedding, you can ditch all the commercially available peelers for an all-natural and pure procedure. Massage your face using milk ice cubes. Milk has lactic acid that assists in clearing all the dead skin cells while the ice cube boosts your natural glow and radiance.

Olive Oil Key To Glowing Skin

Is there anyone who doesnu2019t want glowing and radiant skin? I donu2019t think so. Whatu2019s the best way to achieve this? Massaging your face with ice will give you the outcome you desire. It boosts blood circulation to your skin and makes it appear bright. Using ice on your face constricts the blood vessels, which at first lowers the blood flow to your skin. Your body begins circulating more blood to your face to maintain the balance, which makes it lively and radiant.

Is Olive Oil Bad For You?

9 Side effects Of Using Olive Oil

Olive oil has numerous health and beauty benefits to offer. But olive oil also comes with certain drawbacks that can cause significant damage to your health. Check out side effects of olive oil before you start using it.

Olive Oil Causes Acne

Olive oil is heavy. It doesnu2019t easily sink into your skin, and creates a thick layer on the skin, clogging the pores. Thus if you frequently apply it on your skin, it turns into an adhesive surface, trapping all the dirt, dust, and sebum into it. This process paves the way for the appearance of unwanted acne and pimples. Application of olive oil on your skinu2014twice every week should be enough to get a complexion thatu2019s smooth and hydrated.

Olive Oil Can Cause Allergies

Olive oil can cause severe allergies, like contact dermatitis, respiratory, eczema allergies, e.t.c. It mainly occurs during or after applying the oil on your skin surface. Those who are susceptible to allergies can also face this problem after they take food with olive oil as one of the components. Familiarize yourself with both olive oil benefits and side effects before consuming it regularly.

Olive Oil Causes Skin Rashes

Oily skin is the result of uncontrolled sebum secretion. When olive oil combines with your naturally greasy skin, it can cause severe irritation, rashes, and redness on your skin.

Olive Oil Not Safe On A Babyu2019s Skin

Babies have the most sensitive skin, and using olive oil on them can be a bit risky. It can cause rashes, redness, and irritation on the skin surface. Note: Yet, if you are keen on using olive oil, always use a good quality extra virgin olive oil for your babyu2019s skin.

Olive Oil Lowers Blood Sugar

This oil can lower your blood sugar below the average level. Olive oil makes way for increased insulin resistance; that is the main reason for its activity against blood sugar levels. Overconsumption can make you prone to several health complications, like hypoglycemia, sweating, trembling, weakness, etc.

Olive Oil Lowers Blood Pressure

Olive oil is known to keep our heart healthy. But, studies have found that over-consumption of olive oil can cause a massive fall in the blood pressure. It is detrimental to our overall health as we become vulnerable to many problems like dizziness, lightheadedness, stroke, and kidney failure.

Olive Oil Can Cause Diarrhea

The high-fat content of olive oil may cause digestive disorders and trigger gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea.

Olive Oil High On Calories

Olive oil, just like all other oils and fats, is a chief source of calories. You will be surprised to know that every 16 ounce of olive oil contains calories that are equal to your two days of calorie requirement; far more than even refined sugar.

How to tighten skin?

To make our skin tighter, eat healthily, exfoliate your skin, limit UV exposure, and use

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