What helps dry skin naturally?

Dry skin, how and why they appear?

Your skin is primarily as a result of the skin losing moisture; this can be caused by many different reasons. This common condition can also be a sign of a more dangerous problem. Most of the time, however, it is as a result of environmental conditions.

These environmental factors include harsh soaps, hot showers, heat, and arid climate. All these can give you dry skin. Fortunately, natural and home remedies tackle dry skin very effectively and restore moisture to your skin. Read on to find more information about dry skin.

Why go for natural and home remedies than buying a product for dry skin?

Your local cosmetic store without a doubt has numerous skin products, some of which tackle dry skin and actually work. However, natural remedies are worth a shot.

When comparing the natural remedies and store products, the first point is that natural remedies are usually pure. OTC products have many preservatives and ingredients. These ingredients can include fragrances and alcohol that can irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction. You not only get the moisturizer but other products that have the potential of being harmful.

People with sensitive skin and people with allergies should take special care when using over-the-counter products. These products are water-based and have other ingredients, unlike pure oils.

How natural remedies help dry skin?

The skin is capable of protecting itself from loss of moisture with the help of sebum. This natural oil can, however, be hindered through our daily activities such as using a drying soap. Such activities remove the oils from the skin leaving it dry. Using natural oil comes in handy here to restore the protective barrier and sheen. You have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to natural oils. You can decide to use the oils on their own or to mix them with other ingredients.

How can I increase moisture in my skin naturally?

Home remedies for dry skin

Home remedies that can be used as moisturizers to tackle dry skin are many. The best time to use these remedies is after a bath where you generously apply them on your skin immediately and letting them soak in. Here are some of the natural ways to keep your skin moist and supple.

Is coconut oil good for dry skin?

Coconut oil has soothing properties on the skin. It gives your skin a smooth and hydrated surface by filling the spaces between the cells. The best part is you can use coconut oil in all parts of the body, even the most sensitive areas such as around the lips and eyes. Furthermore, this oil is so gentle that you can use it on a daily basis, and does not require and does not require you to mix it with any other thing.

Is honey good for dry skin?

Honey has the following properties that make it good for dry skin:

Apply honey directly to the skin.

Does vaseline help dry skin?

Petroleum jelly, as research suggests, can heal skin in adults. Products with petroleum jelly such as vaseline form a protective layer on the skin preventing moisture from escaping. This helps dry skin to stay moisturized and healed.

Protect your hands to remedy dry skin

Your hands interact the most with the irritants that cause dry skin. Such irritants like detergents and soap come in direct contact with the hands, and therefore there is a need to protect your hands. Wearing gloves, for example, when you are using water or when you are working outside in extreme temperatures can help solve this problem. Insulated gloves can be useful even when doing household chores.

Oatmeal baths for dry skin

You may have heard a granny recommending an oatmeal bath for your dry skin. This has been used to remedy dry skin for some time now, and it works. Colloidal oatmeal soothes the skin because of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This remedy is especially handy if you want to soothe itchiness as well.

A DIY oatmeal bath is made by chopping oatmeal into a fine powder and adding it into warm water. Stir it properly and use the water to bath. After the oatmeal bath, moisturize to prevent the oatmeal solution from escaping. You can also buy an oatmeal soak.

For better skin, change your shower routine

Yes, changing how you shower can make a considerable difference in the appearance of your skin. For starters, ditch the hot water as it scalds the skin and causes a lot of damage. Warm and cold water is the way to go.

In the shower, have the right soap. Some soaps have harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. They can even cause an allergic reaction. Look for gentle soaps; your doctor can recommend the best one for your skin.With the right soap and the right water temperature, now you can shower. You should ensure you don’t camp in there. This is also important, make the showers as short as possible. After the shower, the final step is to use a moisturizer as soon as possible. This will trap moisture and keep your skin dry-free.

Omega-3s and antioxidants for dry skin

Dry skin can mean that your skin is being exposed to elements that are harmful and the body cannot cope with its repair. The damage is taking place so fast for the body to keep up. There are foods that can minimize skin cell damage and help the skin look healthier. For healthy skin, incorporate the following in your diet:

Using a humidifier for dry skin

There are home appliances that strip moisture in the house. Electric and gas heat can drastically reduce the humidity in the house leaving the air dry. This effect can be counterbalanced by a humidifier.

Keep away from things that make your skin dry

This may be obvious, but it needs to be said. There are obvious and not so obvious irritants and allergens that make your skin dry. If they can be avoided, it is best to do so. Spending a lot of time in a pool or treated water, sitting in a hot kitchen or fireplace, or even wearing clothes that irritate your skin should be avoided. Watch out for any irritants and avoid it next time.

Sunflower seed oil for dry skin

Sunflower seed oil, as studies prove, can hydrate the skin. This can, therefore, be used as a moisturizer to tackle dry skin.

Can we use milk for dry skin?

You can use milk to fight dry skin, not by applying it on the skin but by drinking it. Studies show that milk in your diet can improve dry skin. The initial studies suggest that phospholipid contained in milk can make the skin barrier better.

Avocado mask for dry skin

An avocado mask which can be prepared at home can also soothe dry skin. You can mix the avocado with some olive oil and honey. Apply the avocado mask on the face and give it 20 minutes. Then after washing it off apply a moisturizer. This will give your skin moisturized, soft look.

Aloe vera for dry skin

Aloe vera, according to research, can soothe dry skin. Apply aloe vera on the dry feet or hands and wear socks or gloves then go to bed. If the affected skin cannot be covered by socks or gloves, then apply the aloe vera generously. This will ensure the aloe soaks in the skin properly.

What vitamin helps dry skin?

There are minerals and vitamins that promote healthy skin. Regular consumption of 100mg B-complex supplement ( which has pantothenic, thiamin, and riboflavin acid), 15mg zinc, and 15mg beta-carotene will help the skin. If you want a pill formula, find one that has vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitaminB6, zinc, riboflavin, selenium, folate, and other minerals.

What causes extremely dry skin?

The reason behind your dry skin

The main reason for your dry skin is environmental factors, that is, the things you come in contact with daily. There are also conditions that can contribute to having very dry skin. The likely causes of your dry skin can be the following:

Heat will leave your skin dry

If you stay too close to a source of heat for a very long time, then you are bound to have dry skin. If you seat to close to the fireplace or spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen or using a central heating system will dry out your skin due to low humidity.

Cold weather can cause dry skin

During winter, your skin tends to be very dry and dehydrated. The temperature and humidity at this time drastically drop, causing the issues on your skin. Of course, this is not it if you live in desert areas and regions that do not experience extreme cold.

Spending a lot of time in a hot shower is bad for your skin

Long, hot showers or baths are bad for your skin. They can dry it. Stick to quick warm showers.

Dry skin can result from using harsh soaps and detergents

Soaps are formulated to remove oil. A lot of them will also remove the moisture from your skin. There are mild detergents that are better, or you can go for non-soap-based products.

Other skin conditions cause dry skin

There are skin conditions that are characterized by dry skin. Eczema, for example, or dermatitis is a good example. If you have this skin condition, your skin will be dry. People with psoriasis also have the same problem.

Risk factors of dry skin

From the causes above, anyone can get dry skin. However, there are groups that are more prone to it. These are those who:

How to prevent dry skin?

Making sure your skin retains its moisture

Being the first line of defense preserving the health of the skin is very vital. This vital organ protects the skin from viruses and bacteria. An itch, for example, can compromise the skin because it provides room for infection. Using a moisturizer is necessary at all times even if your skin does not itch or cause any discomfort or problems. This is the best way to prevent dry skin. There are also moisturizing sunscreens that can be used outside to prevent skin damage and skin dryness. When it comes to clothes, go for cotton fibers that absorb the sweat away from the skin. This is helpful during high temperatures and other skin-irritating conditions.

You should also avoid the following to keep your skin moist and healthy:

Dry skin is a nuisance, but it can also be a sign of something more serious. If home remedies do not produce the desired results with the dry skin, it is best to visit a specialist.

When to see a doctor regarding dry skin?

Old age and environmental conditions are usually the cause of dry skin. If this is not the case, then your dry skin might actually be something else. Seek immediate attention from your physician. Speak to a dermatologist about OTC skin treatments if the home remedies do not seem to help your condition. Whatever the case, you must find a solution for the skin dryness. If not, it can lead to the following:

How to tighten skin?

To make our skin tighter, eat healthily, exfoliate your skin, limit UV exposure, and use

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