Is Emu Oil Good For Stretch Marks?

Does Emu Oil Help Stretch Marks?

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Emu oil is a natural oil that comes from the fat in the back of the emu, an Australian bird which is in the same family as the ostrich. The Aboriginal population and others have used it to heal a variety of skin conditions, such as adding moisture, killing bacteria, treating rashes, helping minimize pain, and reducing swelling. A lot of research has found that it can assist in managing some skin conditions, and can even aid in reducing joint and muscle pain when you apply it on your skin surface. It also has a lot of omega fatty acids that are essential for healthy looking skin. One of the reasons it seems to work so well on the skin surface is that it can penetrate the skin, reaching the deeper layers of the skin for remedy. Emu Oil can effectively minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and other skin damages. This natural omega-rich oil is used on your skin surface for these uses since it easily penetrates through the skin layers. The oil penetrates both the epidermis and the dermis repairs the skin and the connective tissues.Unsaturated fats like the oleic acid and the linoleic acid are crucial for healthy skin, yet the body cannot produce them itself. As a result, emu oil, which has these essential fatty acids, is the ideal supplement for undernourished skin.The palmitic acid is especially essential for repairing damaged skin, as it speeds up the recovery process. Vitamin E also critical because it assists in the formation of new skin cells. Emu Oil not only has Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 and Vitamins A, D, E, F and K2, its superior penetrating features can also feed these nutrients into your skin and regenerate skin tissues. Stretch marks affect isn’t biased, and it affects all genders. Some People However are inclined to having stretch marks as a result of different skin diseases. People who have dry skin are more susceptible to build up the red lines known as extend imprints on their skin surface. Emu Oil can assist in hydrating dry skin and repairing already damaged skin cells and the connective tissues and as a result, minimize formation the visibility of stretch marks. You can also use emu oil to prevent the occurring of stretch marks during pregnancy, or just as a daily moisturizer for dry or sensitive skin.

Why is Emu oil is made use of on stretch marks?

Emu oil is is a regular, all-natural transdermal oil which contains the unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin cells. Emu oil can assist in restoring wetness to dehydrated, busted skin cells allowing the skin to be so much more limber or even elastic. The oil is a natural resource of the essential fats (EFA’s) Omega 3 besides Omega 6. These are known to be necessary to healthy and balanced and even balanced skin. It is likewise an extraordinary resource of Omega 9. Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation could lead to discomfort, itching, as well as soreness which prevail issues from those battling with stretch marks as well as marks.

Why Should you use Emu oil on stretch marks & scars?

Emu oil is a natural transdermal oil. It contains the unique capacity to sink deep into the skin tissue. It is a powerful moisturizer. Emu oil may assist in replenishing moisture to dry, damaged skin tissue allowing the skin to be more soft and pliable. This oil is a natural source of the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) Omega 6 and Omega 3. These are known to be crucial for healthy skin. It is also an ideal source of Omega 9.Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory agent. Swelling can cause redness discomfort and itching which are common complaints from people suffering from stretch marks and scars.

How To Properly Apply Emu Oil To Scars And Stretch Marks

How Should I Use Emu Oil for Stretch Marks?

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Sources are claiming that emu oil can penetrate the inner layers of the skin, and stimulate the growth of new cells, as it contains essential fatty acids. Vitamin E in this oil repairs the skin and aids absorption into the skin. There are various emu oil products, like body lotion and emu bath oil. You may use any of these products for fading stretch marks. The recommendation is that you should apply emu oil lotion after either a shower or a bath. Rub the oil gently on the skin in circular motions, till it is absorbed. After bathing, the skin will be moist and soft, so that the oil will be absorbed quickly. Pure emu oil is a concentrated version, which means you’ll need to use it in tiny amounts. Two to three drops will be sufficient for application on the skin. Repeat it twice or thrice daily. You may also use emu bath oil, once a week, to heal the stretch marks. Introduce a few drops of this oil into the water, and soak in it for about ten minutes. Apart from treating stretch marks and scars, it can also relax stiff joints and tired muscles.Try to get pure emu oil from renowned manufacturers. Even though emu oil is known to be antiallergenic, it may cause allergic reactions in some people. So, go for a patch experiment, before use. If such allergies form, avoid using the oil. Application of emu oil is often through oral supplements. While this method of consuming it is suitable for the internal parts of your body, it does nothing for the skin. For emu oil to function, you need to apply it on your skin surface. There’s a right method, and a wrong method, of using it to the skin surface. A common mistake people make is using it in excess.One drop of Emu oil is enough to cover a part that’s the size of an average, adult hand. You should take one drop at a time, and gently massage it into a three to six-inch part. When that region is complete, take another drip and complete the process somewhere else. There’s no need to rub it in all the way. This Emu oil is excellent at penetrating the skin. Rubbing it in excessively might cause it to absorb into your hands instead. While you should gently massage it for a couple of seconds, there’s no need to sit down and do it for minutes. After only two to five minutes, the part should be dry.If there is oil residue after the five minutes are over, it most likely means that you’ve used more than you need. That’s why it’s recommended only to massage it a drop at a go. There’s no harm in case you have used too much. Just wipe off the extra bit and avoid using excess the next time to avoid wastage. Utilizing an excessive amount of emu oil during one application will not increase the effect of it. If you would like to achieve the best results, complete the procedure of applying several times throughout your day. You can split it into three sections, and the first being morning hours next is after lunch then finally at night before you sleep.

Best Emu Oil For Stretch Marks

4 Top Brands of Emu Oil

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InstaNatural Emu Oil

​Packaged in a darkened 4-ounce bottle, InstaNatural is a premium emu oil that moisturizes and strengthens hair well. It also soothes muscle pain and has a premium formula that fades scars and stretch marks over time. This emu oil has 100% natural components. Skin and hair nourishment is professional-grade, while it’s safe and comfortable to apply formula appeals to individuals of all cadres.

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Pro Emu Oil

Pro Emu is an AEA-certified natural oil for calming the skin, hair, and nails. It is also effective against burns, scars, stretch marks and among the most recommended products for relieving sore muscles. Pro Emu Oil weighs 2-ounces. Because you only need minimal drops to soothe both hair and your skin surface, it will serve you well for a while. You also get a manufacturer’s warranty and a refund guarantee (lifetime) for an original container.

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Gaia Purity Emu Oil

A favorite dermatologist-recommended product, Gaia Purity is one of the best natural remedies for hair and skin issues. Whether you are struggling with slimming or looking to fade stretch marks of fine lines, it is an ideal product. It weighs about 4oz, and the product is both durable and substantial. It is preservatory and chemical-free and has natural components with a unique nutritional value. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the importance of this product cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re looking for a fuller skin or full and shiny hair, expect the best.

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Naturals New Zealand Emu Oil

An excellent hair and skin moisturizer, Naturals New Zealand is a premium beauty product that utilizes fully refined (Grade A) emu oil. Its manufacturers are in the USA, expect an authentic product with a creamy, thick, and effective formula that users love. It is known for purity, and it is also safe for daily use without the annoying side effects users of low-quality products. If you want to economize, Naturals New Zealand Emu Oil is a good option for you because it is quite affordable. It is also efficient. You have to squeeze a few drops go a long way after rubbing it on your skin.

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