Is almond oil good for stretch marks?

How Should I Use Almond Oil for Stretch Marks?

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Sweet almond oil contains vitamin E that can assist in repairing your skin surface. Utilize it as a moisturizer all over your body, taking special care to massage it into the parts where stretch marks are prevalent. One research showed that the combination of bitter almond oil and massage minimized stretch mark development in pregnant women. Regarding stretch marks, they have more to do with genes than moisturizing and prevention. Some women are merely prone to getting stretch marks.

You can target stretch marks by utilizing almond oil both by oral consumption and on your skin surface. While research has proven that a 15-minutes massage using a sweet almond oil can stop stretch marks formation during pregnancy, it can also be used to minimize scars. Before you use almond oil on your skin surface, know that it assists in exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells, boosting blood circulation and open pores to make the skin more receptive to the benefits of the oil. Even though it is ideal to use the oil after a bath or shower, you can use it during the day to restore and maximize benefits.Almond oil functions as a great carrier, and you can combine it with the essential oil that you prefer and is known to work well on stretch marks. You can also mix it with other lotions and creams. To boost the intake of almond oil, use it in either salads or cooking. It blends well with protein shake smoothies and juices. It is advantageous to consume almond oil on its own, take about three tablespoons of warm almond oil during the day. The recommendation is that you should make your DIY almond oil at home to control both the kind of almonds and quality for the oil. Use an oil press or a blender to extract the oil. Keep it in the dark container in a cool place out of sunlight.

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Using sweet almond oil For Stretch Marks

Can Almond Oil Prevent Stretch Marks?

Using sweet almond oil is advantageous for both moisturizing and strengthening your skin surface so that if you develop stretch marks, they will be less severe than they would be without a topical oil to assist in guarding your skin.Take a glass dish and pour a tablespoon of sweet almond. Crush three vitamin E tablets and squeeze them into the glass in to empty them. Introduce a few drops of the essential oil you prefer to add fragrance to the mixture; lavender is excellent for relaxation, mint is good for energizing, and grapefruit stimulates happiness.Mix the oils. Put the glass dish in the microwave and heat up for a maximum of 30 seconds. Dip your fingers inside the oil to test its temperature before placing it on your tummy.Keep dipping your fingers into the oil and continue massaging it onto your stomach, focus on parts that are more stretch mark prone, for instance, your breasts, lower belly, and thighs. Use tiny, circular motions and rub until your skin completely absorbs the oil. Use as much as you want; almond oil is highly emollient and absorbs quickly into the skin.Massage the oil mixture onto your tummy each day to strengthen your skin to minimize the appearance of your stretch marks. If stretch marks still develop, keep on rubbing the oil mixture to keep them to stay moisturized.Try spreading the sweet almond oil mixture on your body immediately after a shower or bath, and this is because your skin pores are still open. Your skin will absorb the oil more efficiently, assisting to keep your skin hydrated to ward off stretch marks.

Precautions Before Using Almond Oil For Stretch marks

Before using almond oil on your skin, do a patch test, to either check the quality of the oil or determine if you have an allergic reaction. Almond oil can turn rancid with a rotten smell based on the quality and because of inadequate storage. Rancid oil can entirely nullify the beneficial effects; stimulate the formation of toxicity, free radicals, and other harmful side effects. People who have nut allergies should avoid both oral and skin surface applications.Other than adding them in your diet, you can also use almond oil to do away with the stretch marks. The variation of Sweet almond oil is known to be highly useful in inhibiting the formation of stretch marks. You can apply the oil in the stomach, breasts, thighs, and parts that are susceptible to stretching during pregnancy. You can improve elasticity in these parts by using sweet almond oil daily.Even though almond oil is generally considered safe in pregnancy, you need to be careful before using it. Here are some guidelines for you to take into consideration:If you have allergic reactions to almond oil, do not use it. In case your skin starts developing any rashes or itches, stop using it.We can also alternatively use almond oil as a laxative at times, though this is not a recommendation especially during the pregnancy period. Visit a dermatologist or a doctor before you use the oil as a laxative, as it might lead to contractions and cause premature labor. You should entirely avoid the bitter variety of almond oils during pregnancy which comes from bitter almonds. Bitter almonds are known to boost the risks of congenital disabilities amongst children.Women all over the world have been using sweet almond oil during pregnancy for centuries. So, if you would like to spend less money on beauty products, go ahead and visit your doctor concerning the use of almond oil over this period. Avoid making the mistake of taking your own decisions, let a medical expert assist you in making the right choice.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Stretch Marks

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Almond Oil as Anti-Inflammatory

Whether you apply almond oil on your skin surface or consume orally, you will still achieve anti-inflammatory benefits. Almond oil has many polyunsaturated fatty acids that keep your skin hydrated and soft.Those fatty acids boost the production of beneficial eicosanoids hormones, which stop your skin from losing moisture. When you apply the almond oil is to stretch marks, the increase in eicosanoids stimulates circulation and oxygen to the affected parts. Both internally and externally almond oil offers anti-inflammatory support and set the healing process in action minimizing stretch marks.

Almond Oil Transdermal Features

Almond oil is lightweight, and it quickly penetrates the skin making it a useful topical aid against stretch marks. Once it enters your skin, the oleic acid content makes it easy to move the fatty acids down to the dermis. The oils then function from inside your skin to make it supple and minimize the appearance of scars.

Almond Oil Antioxidant Features

Almond oil gives the skin antioxidant benefits because of its high content of vitamin E.Vitamin E stimulates the growth of new skin cell and boots cell regeneration to nourish skin and assists in healing and fading scar spots. If you apply Vitamin E on your skin surface, it can calm and soothe the irritation and redness in the case of freshly formed swollen stretch marks.It is safe for use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from forming. It also has vitamin A that stimulates cell healing and rejuvenation.4. Supports weight loss. Fast body weight fluctuations can worsen the appearance of stretch marks. Utilizing almond oil both on your skin surface and orally can support healthy weight loss minus the side effects of stretch marks and loose skin. It is famously known to be a laxative that may assist in shedding fat and stimulate weight loss. Its oil content is a part of healthy fats necessary to support the body during periods of intense change.

Almond Oil Scrubs for Stretch Marks

Before starting with any natural medication, it is always advisable to scrub off the dead skin cells so that the effect sinks deep into your skin. You can mix almond oil with other components for beneficiary almond oil scrubs.

Yogurt and Almond oil

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Yogurt and Almond oil, when mixed with the lemon zest, is a very effective scrub. Lemon is famous for its brightening features. Therefore this scrub functions well on marks. Use it twice every week for good results

Shea and Mango butter mixed with almond oil

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Shea and Mango butter are essential components when mixed with almond oil and used in a water bath. It assists a lot in lightening the marks during and after pregnancy. Introduce a few drops of olive oil as a magic component

Sesame oil and Almond oil

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Sesame oil and almond oil mixture is also an excellent scrub base for diminishing stretch marks. Use it before you go to sleep for quick results. You have to use it for at least a month if you want to achieve good outcomes.

Sugar and Lemon juice mixed with almond oil

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When you mix sugar and lemon juice base with almond oil, you create a well-acquainted scrub for stretch marks. Those well known anti tan features of lime will be minimizing marks soon.

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