How to get rid of dry skin on feet?

The simple remedies for dry skin on feet include regular exfoliation, moisturization, and soaking. These treatment procedures will also assist in getting rid of calluses and dead skin tissues as well as preventing them from reoccurring.

Cracked and dry skin are common among people nowadays, these skin areas have fewer oil glands than other parts of your skin and are under constant exposure to everyday wear and tear. Did you know you can get rid of dry skin on your feet by using simple home treatment procedures? Dry skin will mostly appear around your heels, between your toes and sides of your feet. The dry areas may make your skin feel tight, itchy or you may experience pain. Pain is rare unless you’re suffering from skin complications such as eczema and athlete’s foot.

Causes of Dry Skin on Feet

Why do I Have Dry Feet?

Here’s a list of common factors that can lead to dry feet:

Lack of moisture Causes Sole Crack

Cracked, dry and scaly skin is common around the sole and heel since there are fewer oil glands within these parts in comparison to other parts of the body. Lack of moisture is the leading factor for cracked soles and heels. Another reason the skin under your feet is normally chapped, rough and dry is due to the relative small number of sweat glands. Individuals with dry skin normally suffer from cracked skin surface as well because of reduced skin elasticity that comes about as a result of different factors such as:

Skin Irritation Causes Cracked Skin

Long periods of standing still or ill-fitting footwear may apply constant pressure on your heel, balls of the feet and soles, you can also experience irritation on your skin. The ripple effect is your skin ends up with calluses, cracked and dry.

Humid and hot Environment Causes Cracks on Feet

Closed footwear such as boots and sneakers create hot and humid surrounding for your feet. These two factors draw moisture from your skin which may result in thick, dry and cracks on your feet.

Chemicals from Soaps Draw Moisture From Your Feet

Both body washes and soaps may contain irritants and chemicals that may draw moisture from your skin. If you fail to wash excess soap from your feet or dry them properly, you will likely end up with cracks on your feet.

Aging Skin is Drier

As you get older, your skin will lose its innate ability to maintain water hence it will become less thick and reduce in suppleness. Older individuals will likely suffer from more dry conditions due to the body’s natural process of aging.

Medications May Cause Dry Feet

Certain medicines such as diuretics may result in dry skin on feet. Here are other skin conditions that may have dry feet symptoms:

Best Remedies for Dry Skin on the Feet

8 Essential Tips For Dry Skin Treatment

Naturally, dead cells on skin surface drop off and they’re replaced with new and younger cells. If you fail to get rid of the dead cells accumulating, you will end up with a thick, flaky skin patch on your feet. As time goes by, dry parts on the skin, especially around the heels crack and thicken. If your heels crack, you will be prone to infection, calloused feet on the other end will make walking uncomfortable. Below are some of the best ways to treat dry skin and remove dead skin from the feet.

Exfoliate to Remove Dry Skin on Your Feet

You can remove dry skin surface layer by using either a chemical or physical exfoliator. Here are some of the physical exfoliators:

Chemical Exfoliators For Dry Skin

Use a Foot Soak To Get Rid of Dry Skin

A foot soak can be made of different type of ingredients like Epsom salt and oatmeal.

Can You Use Pumice Stone on Dry Feet?

You can use a metal file or pumice stone to get rid of dry skin, corns and calluses on your feet. If you develop pain while using either the foot file or the stone, stop immediately. The following guidelines will assist you to follow the correct way of removing your dry skin.

Does Paraffin wax Help With Dry Feet?

Plenty of nail salons provide an after service of paraffin wax when you go for a pedicure treatment.

Caution When Using Paraffin Wax on Your Feet

Avoid using this treatment if:

When performing paraffin wax treatment at home, be careful and check the temperature of the wax using a candy thermometer.

What Can I use to Scrub My Feet?

Most drug stores and pharmacies sell various over- the- counter foot scrubs, you need to buy one that has a rough surface that will assist in remove dry and dead skin.

How to Use a DIY Foot Scrub

DIY Oatmeal Foot Scrub

Did you know oatmeal has more use than just an essential part of a healthy diet, turn your oatmeal into a home exfoliator to remove dry skin.

How To use Oatmeal Mask For Your Feet

How to tighten skin?

To make our skin tighter, eat healthily, exfoliate your skin, limit UV exposure, and use

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