How do you prevent Acanthosis Nigricans?

Can I Prevent Acanthosis Nigricans?

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When acanthosis nigricans correlates with obesity and managing your weight is an essential part of prevention. A diet that contributes to minimized insulin also can assist in preventing acanthosis nigricans (AN). There are other preventive strategies such as treating medical conditions that have a link to acanthosis nigricans (for example hypothyroidism) and staying away from medicine that is likely to lead to or worsen the situation (such as birth control pills).

Acanthosis Nigricans

Have you visited your doctor or dermatologist lately and during the diagnosis, they saw a dark skin blemish on your armpit, neck, a skin crease, or under the breast? This dark blemish is known as acanthosis nigricans or AN. It is generally a sign that the human body is secreting extra insulin that it cannot utilize well. So the insulin builds up, and it leads to you getting a blemish on your skin surface. It is known as insulin resistance. This insulin resistance is an effort towards the formation of type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, don’t forget that not each with insulin resistance has to suffer from diabetes.A lot of people if not all who have Acanthosis Nigricans suffer from embarrassment as well. Other individuals refer to the condition as ‘dirty neck’ and try scouring it or even add bleaching agents to their home remedies to eliminate this complication. The unfortunate news is that all these procedures won’t result in any change; you should, therefore, stay away from any harmful activity. Fortunately, if you decide to take control over your weight- following a good eating habit, being active and losing a couple of pounds- lowers the quantity of unused insulin within your body. It will assist you in getting rid of getting rid of Acanthosis Nigricans.

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Acanthosis Nigricans: Food and Losing Weight

Losing weight will be an essential part of your care plan. Below are some tips you can use to help you watch your weight:

  • Always ensure you are consuming regular meals and eating each time you feel famished.
  • You can attempt eating a low-fat diet: Minimize both the skin and fat and from chicken and meats.
  • Consume either skim milk or low fat (1%) or rather than whole milk.
  • You should stay away from fried foods such as chips, French fries, and chicken. Don’t worry you can still eat the same foods but this time bake them.
  • Try and consume a lot of fiber from whole grain diets such as wheat bread rather than the usual white alternative.
  • Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. Additionally eating lots of minerals and vitamins, they are also rich in fiber content.
  • We all know that water is life. You should, therefore, drink plenty of water.

Acanthosis Nigricans: Physical Activity

The higher quantities of calories you burn, the better the human body utilizes insulin. Don’t be spooked that you will have to squeeze in marathon schedules within your lifestyle; however; you need to ensure that you involve yourself in an activity each day. Some of the events may include throwing frisbees while playing fetch with your dog, jogging, walking, lawn mowing, or playing backyard football. The aim here is to get involved in something that will keep your heart more active for not less than 30 minutes or thereabout. An important reminder; hanging out with your friends, playing video games, surfing the internet all day are some of the activities you should avoid in case you want to exercise.

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How Can I Treat Acanthosis Nigricans?

Treatment and home remedies for Nigricans Dangerous

Primary treatment of acanthosis nigricans focuses on correcting the root cause. Weight loss and reversing insulin resistance are the most effective ways to eliminate any skin changes. It is reversible and will fade away when the dermatologists handle the root cause.There are beauty choices if the acanthosis nigricans is severe or you don’t manage it through weight loss. Treatment procedures include laser therapy, dermabrasion, and topical retinoids. Topical retinoids increase shedding of healthy skin cells, which can minimize the appearance of the lesions. Both dermabrasion and laser therapy are procedures that should be performed only by a certified dermatologist. Typically, doctors begin by treating the root cause. Once this situation is under control, the skin pigments will start to fade. Treatments vary depending on the primary complication, and include:

  • Losing weight – People who have acanthosis nigricans as a result of obesity or insulin resistance may find that their skin improves once they lose weight. Weight loss may improve skin texture, but the discoloration can remain.
  • Stabilizing hormones – For individuals who suffer from hormonal disorders, acanthosis nigricans may clear up if they get their illness under control using medicine, lifestyle changes, and other procedures.
  • Managing diabetes – Individuals who have type 2 diabetes may need medicines, lifestyle modifications, and dietary and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. Once insulin levels are stable, acanthosis nigricans symptoms may clear up.
  • Stay Away From Specific Medicines – If certain supplements or drugs are leading to acanthosis nigricans, then a skin specialist such as a dermatologist may suggest avoiding them completely or opting for another choice. In most instances, your skin will revert to normal after dropping the medicine.
  • Addressing Cancerous Growth – Malignant AN may clear up after surgical removal of a carcinogenic tumor. Other procedures for cancer are radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Cosmetic Treatment Procedures – To minimize the appearance or odor of acanthosis nigricans, some people try cosmetic treatments, such as: prescription topical medications to lighten your skin or to soften thick and rough blemishes, laser therapy to either lighten the skin or reverse skin thickening, antibacterial soaps, oral medicines, and  topical antibiotics. Cosmetic procedures do not address the root cause of acanthosis nigricans, even though they can boost the skin’s appearance until other treatments take effect.
  • Outcome – If you suffer from acanthosis nigricans, it is essential to find out whether another disease is causing it. Finding and treating an undiagnosed illness may clear (or partially brighten up) your skin surface. If an illness is not causing your acanthosis nigricans or you do not witness the results you are looking for from treating a related disease, you need to visit a doctor so that they can treat your skin condition.

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