How Do I Make My Facial Pores Smaller?

Pores, because they are so tiny, we figure they shouldnu2019t be that visible, right? Some people have noticeable pores, and unfortunately, you canu2019t physically reduce their size without consulting a dermatologist, but you can make them look less conspicuous.

What are skin pores?

A guide to lessening skin pore appearance

The word pore describes the small openings in the skin through which oil and sweat reach the surface from their respective glands below. There two different kinds of pores: oil and sweat pores.

Oil pores

They are also known as your hair follicles and are all over your body except on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Oil pores get most of our attention because they can be large enough to be seen. When people talk about having large pores or blocked pores, they are usually referring to oily pores.

Sweat pores

These are present all over your skin. Sweat pores are tiny. You typically canu2019t see them with the naked eye, and most people donu2019t give them much thought.

What causes large pores?

Pores are just glorified hair follicles

They are merely the opening of hair follicles, which extend down further through several layers of skin. Each follicle can grow one shaft of hair, whether that hair is visible or not. Each of us has about 5 million hair follicles, so the number of pores we fixate on is relatively tiny in proportion to the rest. Each pore has its own sebaceous gland, which produces oil known as sebum. Itu2019s no wonder, then, that pores get clogged with oil and enlarged so often.

Pore size is genetic

Your genetics largely determines pore size. People who have inherited oily skin naturally are more likely to have enlarged pores because they are more actively releasing oil through wider openings. This isnu2019t all bad, large pores and the oil that comes with them can counteract the physical toll of aging and wrinkling.

Sun and age

Your age correlates to your pore size too. As we age, our collagen breaks down, causing the skin to lose its elasticity with the passing years. As the skin relaxes, pores dilate losing the firmness of youth and making our pores more visible. The sagging of the skin causes stretching in the pores which open into tear shapes. Years upon years of fun in the sun will also, with time, expand your pores. Sun damage leads to inflammation, thickening skin cells. Burnt cells pool around a poresu2019 edges, making them look even larger.

Bad habits can affect your pores

Some bad habits like smoking can harm your skin. Inhaling nicotine regularly dries out your skin, shrinking the blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nourishment. This denies your skin important nutrients and speeds the aging process. A bad diet, lack of proper hydration, affinity for tanning beds, and not washing your face well also qualify as bad, pore-expanding habits you might want to consider stopping.

Can you shrink large pores?

Technically, no. You canu2019t close large pores since their size is largely determined by genetics. Pores play an important role in the health of your skin. They enable sebum, which is the oil that keeps your skin oiled, to travel from the sebaceous gland to the surface. If you have oily skin, youu2019re more likely to notice your pores. This means people with oily skin are more likely to want to reduce their appearance.

Does cold really shrink pores and hot open them?

Hot water to open the pores, cold water to close them advice is actually a myth. All the water in the world will not make small pores larger, or large pores smaller. Heat expands and widens the pore opening slightly, so it makes them look larger. Cold has the opposite effect; it causes the pore to constrict. This makes the pores look tighter and smaller. The effects are just temporary though because, after a few minutes, the skin returns to normal temperature and so does your pore size.

While hot towels, warm water, steaming wonu2019t literally shrink your pores, it can soften the plugs of oil trapped within. This is why your esthetician will often steam your face before removing blackheads. Steaming softens the plug, called a comedonal core. This, together with the heat dilating the pore opening, makes the blockage a lot easier to push out of the pore. Your pores remain the size they were meant to be, despite the temperature of the water you use to cleanse your face.In fact, cleansing your face in very hot water can cause more harm than good. Water that is too hot can result in skin irritation, making dilated capillaries and inflamed blemishes appear more red and obvious. The best temperature to clean with is comfortably lukewarm, never hot.

Easy ways to lessen your pore size

Enlarged pores are a fact of life for some people. But just because itu2019s a fact of life it doesnu2019t mean there is nothing you can do about it. While itu2019s not technically possible to permanently decrease the size of pores, you can make them seem smaller with a few tips and tricks.

Keep your face clean. When dirt and grime clog the pores, they expand and look larger. So, itu2019s crucial to always wash your face with a gentle cleanser, especially before going to bed, to remove any extra dirt and grease. On top of cleansing your face every day, always use clean makeup brushes and avoid touching your face with your fingers.

Use a primer before you apply your foundation. Yes, you can conceal their appearance with makeup. And primer is a great option.

Be gentle with your skin. Vigorous cleansing, exfoliating, and skin picking can create wrinkles and lead to severe acne, but being too harsh on your skin can also damage your pores. Be gentle so you donu2019t cause damage that can expand your pores. If you have already damaged your pores, taking it especially easy so your skin can heal properly is advised.

Get facials every month. It is recommended to see a facialist every four to six weeks. As a little professional extraction and exfoliation can help clean out your pores, so you end up with clearer, healthier skin. If this seems a little too indulgent for you, consider getting one a couple of times a year or on special occasions like your birthday.

Exfoliate often. While keeping your face clean is so vital, itu2019s the act of ridding the skin of dead cells that really keeps your complexion looking its best. Exfoliation can be physical or chemical. Gentle cleansers containing low concentrations of salicylic acid (0.5% u2013 1%) or lactic or glycolic acid (2.5% u2013 5%) will stimulate cell turnover and keep pores clean.

Keep your skin extra hydrated. Start by drinking a lot of water; you could also use a hydrating serum before putting on moisturizer. It helps reduce the appearance of your pores by plumping up the surrounding skin. Make sure you often exfoliate so your hydration agent can work.

Add a retinoid to your skincare routine. Applying a prescription-strength topical retinoid, such as Retin-A, can increase cell regeneration, thus exfoliating the pore and making them appear smaller.

Moisturize daily. A lot of harm can happen to your skin when you do not moisturize. Itu2019s important to use a high-quality, non comedogenic moisturizer at least twice a day. If you let your skin get dry, it will react by producing excessive amounts of sebum that can clog your pores.

Use sunscreen everytime you go out. SPF is a fundamental part of your skincare routine. UV radiation breaks down collagen and elastin, thus expanding the pores. So the best way to stop your pores from becoming larger is to protect yourself from the sunu2019s rays. Remember that some sunscreens can make your skin appear shinier or oilier, thus emphasizing your pores. In that case, go for a matte finish primer, foundation, or powder to minimize the shining effect.

Find the right face mask to use for your skin. One easy, luxurious, and relatively inexpensive way you can get smaller-looking pores is to use face masks. Homemade masks and peels work with consistent long term use. Masks comprising of ingredients such as clay or activated charcoal work by absorbing the excess oil out of skin pores.

Visit a dermatologist for a laser treatment. Lasers can help reduce your actual pore size. A series of these treatments with nonablative lasers can help diminish pore size by building collagen, thereby plumping the surrounding skin and shrinking pores. This treatment has minimal recovery time.

How to tighten skin?

To make our skin tighter, eat healthily, exfoliate your skin, limit UV exposure, and use

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