Does picking acne make it worse?

Is Popping Pimples Bad for Your Skin?

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Pimples are not the most attractive things on your face. For this reason, there is always a temptation to pop and pick those bad boys away. Especially because they always pick the worst moment to appear on your face. You have that big interview coming up, the romantic date, or a social function that you have to make an appearance.It, therefore, makes sense to deal with the pimple right? Well, wrong. Picking pimples is bad for your skin and will worsen your acne. There are less harmful ways of doing yes, but you have to be a trained dermatologist or doctor, otherwise, do not attempt. We are going to explain to you why picking the pimples is discouraged and give you some extra tips.

Picking pimples damages your skin

You may have first heard it from mom, but it is very true, popping pimples is bad for you! A swollen acne pimple occurs when the pore get engorged with bacteria, dead skin cells, pus, and excess sebum. After that, you keep checking if the pimple is ready to pop. Before you begin squeezing, however, consider the consequences. The swollen pore is under a great deal of pressure.When you squeeze a pimple, you can easily force the debris deeper into the hair follicle. That can trigger the roots wall to burst, spilling all the infected stuff deep into the dermis. Don’t let the pus oozing out fool you!

Popping pimples worsens the blemish and can lead to scarring

Have you ever popped a pimple just to have it come back a couple of hours later, only bigger and more hideous? Or have a 2nd pimple appear right next to it? Squeezing only makes things worse, not only deep in the skin but also on the surface of the skin where it is visible. Popping or picking at a pimple can clearly leave a scab. Squeezing a papule can make your skin redder and swell much bigger. In fact, regular squeezing can turn a normal pimple into something serious like a nodule or cyst.  The most serious kind of an imperfection, acne cysts are large and painfully inflamed sores. They are soft lumps filled with fluids. Cysts need to be treated by a physician.

Picking pimples causes skin discoloration

This is where picking really leaves its nasty mark. You might have that frustrating pimple that you want to remove immediately. However, what might have vanished under a week on its own might leave irreversible discoloration. This isn’t a dent or raised scar; this is hyperpigmentation (brown for darker complexion and red or purple for lighter tones). This is hard to get rid of. 

Picking pimples is unhygienic

Whether you pick your nails knowingly or unknowingly, you’re most likely using your fingers and fingernails. There is a lot of dirt, bacteria, and oil on your fingers and nails. You are basically introducing new germs that may further lead to infection. All this is unhygienic. 

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How to stop picking acne?

Getting rid of the desire to pop and pick pimples

If you have the habit of picking your acne when you look at the mirror, or when you are nervous or bored, then you need to stop for the sake of your skin. Distract yourself so that you do not make the problem worse by constantly picking at your skin.

Monitor habits that lead to pimple picking

Every habit has a trigger, especially if it is done unknowingly. After identifying the bad habit, you need to know what encourages it. If you pop your pimples every time you look at the mirror, then you should be aware of that. You can either reduce the number of times you face the mirror or acknowledge that the mirror is a trigger and resist the temptation. You can do that with any other trigger such as watching TV. Some pick their pimples when they watch something interesting on the telly and just find themselves popping pimples. You need to be alert anything you are around the trigger. 

Distract yourself from picking pimples when the urge arises

Make your hands busy with a hobby, for example, playing video games. Making sure that your hands are occupied when you get the desire to pick your acne might just be the solution.

Imagine picking your pimples without picking 

Experts say that visualizing the picking movement in your head with your hands safely away might help. This may satisfy the need to pick or peel your acne without doing more damage to your skin.

Secure your hands to avoid picking at pimples

For some people picking pimples is irresistible, so much that the only way to help it is to immobilize the hands. Since the hands are the weapons of destruction, find a way to cover them. You can use gloves, or bind them into a fist. Whatever it takes to keep them away from your face. 

Find inspiration to stop pimple picking

Photos usually come in handy here. Find a photo of yourself with flawless skin, or even a photo of a celebrity that you admire and keep it with you at all times. This will give you encouragement to stop squeezing your pimples because you know what you want to achieve.

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How to heal a popped pimple?

Healing popped pimples fast

Assuming you have disregarded everyone’s advice and popped that pimple anyway and now you are left with red sore or a crusty scab, what can you do to make things better? Follow the tips below to minimize the damage.

  1. Enough with the pimple picking, stop it. In case you have doubts regarding the results of popping pimples then you have your answer. Now stop it, no more tinkering.  Do not squeeze or pick anything left behind. Give your skin time to start the recovery process without interference.
  2. Carefully clean the blemish. Use your everyday facial cleanser for this as you’re cleaning your face. Be gentle, though, and attempt not to knock off the scab that is trying to form. You can also make use of a touch of witch hazel on a cotton swab or ball. Dab the solution gently on the popped pimple a number of times a day. Again, do not aggressively rub at it or disrupt the forming scab. Some people suggest hydrogen peroxide or alcohol for this. However, they can sting. Witch hazel is the most effective.
  3. Use ice for a swollen pooped pimple. If you have gone wild with the squeezing, then you probably have a huge, red bump on your face that is swollen. Ice is the best way to soothe and reduce swelling. Cover the ice in a paper towel or in a soft cloth. Put it over the swollen area for a few minutes at a time, several times a day. This will make the pimple look and feel better and also reduce the swelling. If your popped pimple isn’t inflamed and already has formed a scab, icing the location will not do anything to help.
  4. Dab an antibiotic ointment on the popped pimple. Your pooped pimple is like an open wound. An over-the-counter antibiotic lotion is what you need. Dot a tiny amount straight on the popped pimple or scab. This will accelerate the healing time. The scab will also not look dry and cracky as it will keep it moist. Cover the popped pimple with the ointment until it’s completely healed. This can take a few days. Also, make sure you’re just covering the pimple, not the skin around it. The ointment may block your pores.
  5. Leave the pimple scab alone. It can be tempting but do not tinker with the scab. It should stay in place if the pimple is to heal. The process starts all over each time the scab is removed. If you’re a bonafide picker, do your best to keep your hands off your face. Once again, keeping the scab covered with a healing lotion makes it less appealing to pick it off.
  6. Use acne treatment for popped pimples. If you’re using any acne medications, you ought to continue to do so. The majority of acne medications have antibacterial properties which will help the acne heal. A well treated popped pimple recovers within a couple of days. Try to be patient up until this takes place.

How to safely pop a pimple?

Minimizing damage when popping a pimple

Can you safety pop a pimple? It depends on whether you are a dermatologist or not, if not then don’t do it. However, for the sake of minimizing the damage, we will tell you the best way to pop a pimple. Keep in mind the consequences.

  • Wash the location with soap and water to remove any makeup or concealer.
  • Disinfect the surrounding skin with alcohol.
  • Properly wash your hands. You do not want to add more germs in the wound.
  • Disinfect a needle into rubbing alcohol.
  • Pop the stretched skin over the bump filled with pus.
  • Using Q-tips, roll inwards from the outer edges of the sore to get rid of the pus and other particles. Try doing this in one go.
  • Apply some antibacterial ointment or acne cream on the site to avoid infection. This will also help with healing. 

Conclusion on picking pimples

You should be convinced by now of the harm of popping a pimple could do. Of course, the best scenario is not getting pimples in the first place. However, if it is already there find medication, either natural or over-the-counter options, they work better than popping. 

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