Does Emu Oil Help With Scars?

Emu Oil has been in use for generations to help heal and treat skin conditions; it has proven especially useful for scar treatment. Emu oil is oil that originates from the fat in the back of the emu bird, that comes from Australian ostrich and is in the Ostrich family.

Among many of its natural qualities, Emu oil can penetrate deeper into the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers of the skin. This benefit allows it to help revive elastin and collagen fibers, which is the connective tissue, that when formed naturally and healthily, help prevent or treat scarring. If you use emu oil for scars - whether its old acne scars post-surgical or for new incisions; it will invigorate new, healthy cell growth. Its standard use is prevalent in Australia for treating rashes, burns, lacerations, and cuts. It has the added benefit of fighting infection and inflammation. It also is abundant in the omega fatty acids that have been known to be useful for healthy looking skin surface.

How Can Emu Oil help With Scars?

Emu Oil Anti-Inflammatory Qualities n

Emu Oil functions as an anti-inflammatory product, which can help fasten the skinu2019s natural healing process. When the skin is first destroyed, it will become inflamed as part of the innate immune response. There will be redness or discoloration in the injured area. Emu Oil can assist in the reduction of visible scars during the healing period as well as aid in inhibiting new blemishes appearing because it can break down the scar tissues both externally and internally, and its anti-inflammatory qualities can help reduce the pain, itchiness, and redness.

Emu Oil is an all-natural remedy for scars and other skin diseases with no verified side effects or risks of irritation. Emu Tracks Stretch Mark & Scar Balm is a versatile product which mixes Pure Emu Oil with other active natural components such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Flaxseed Oil and Avocado Oil. These substances have been carefully chosen and blended to develop a product that will provide excellent results.

Using Emu Oil for Stretch Marks and Scarsn

Application Of Emu Oil on Stretch Marks and Scars n

Among the most recent applications of this remarkable oil is its use for stretch marks and scars. There is evidence that points to emu oil assisting with the appearance of both of these damaged skin conditions. This natural omega-rich oil is used topically for these uses because it easily perforates through the skin layers. If stretch marks occur from pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, or other causes, emu oil may be able to help. Whether scar tissue formation is from a surgery or an injury, it may be able to be supported by the continued use of pure emu oil.

Emu oil comes from the thick layer of subcutaneous fat on the back of the bird. It is commonly used for the production of cosmetics but has also been proven to have medical attributes, as a dominant pain reliever used in the treatment of chronic arthritis, sprains, strains, and muscle aches. It is also widely utilized as a wound healing accelerant.

Why is emu oil being used on Scars and Stretch marks?

14 Properties of Emu Oil That Help With Scarsn

1. Emu oil is a natural transdermal oil. It contains the unique ability to sink deep into the skin layers.

2. Emu oil is potent as a moisturizer. It may assist in replenishing moisture to dry, damaged skin tissue enabling the skin to be more flexible and supple.

3. Emu oil is a natural root of the essential fatty acids (EFA's) Omega 6 and Omega 3. These are known to be necessary for healthy skin. It is also an excellent source of Omega 9.

4. Emu oil is an excellent emollient and water-binding agent with anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can cause redness, discomfort, and itching which are common complaints from those suffering from scars and stretch marks. However, not all emu oil available in the market today is of animal origin.

5. Valued for thousands of years by Australia's native Aborigines for its healing attributes, emu oil provides many natural values that can be useful to your health.

6. Emu oil is a confirmed antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product, with effects that you can compare to that of ibuprofen;

7. It is bacteriostatic, which means that it does not encourage the growth of bacteria; a Hypoallergenic, saying it is not famous for any side effects or causing skin irritation.

8. Emu oil is a highly penetrating oil that absorbs without leaving an oily feel; and a non-comedogenic, which indicates that it does not block pores.

9. Emu oil naturally has Oleic acid, which is a proven skin cell regenerator; Linoleic acid, which helps to relieve muscle aches and joint pain; Vitamin E,-a significant antioxidant and healing agent; Vitamin A, a skin repairer and antioxidant; and anti-wrinkle agent; Sapogenins, proven skin softeners; and Terpenes, known antiseptics.

10. Its products make excellent moisturizers that can smoothen and condition rough heels, elbows, and knees

11. Emu Oil softens and moisturizes hands and cuticles; it also reduces the itching and flakiness linked with dry skin and shields the face and hands from wind and weather.

12. Above all, skin care products that are emu oil based have potent antioxidants, as well as an anti-wrinkle component and a known skin cell regenerator, helping to improve the condition of aging skin. Emu oil offers both moisturizing and skin-thickening qualities, skin care products that are emu oil based assist in counteracting the wrinkles and scaly, dry thinning skin that often occurs with aging by moisturizing, lubricating and reviving irritated or dry skin on the face, hands, and entire body: and by preventing additional moisture loss by creating a protective film.

13. Naturally enhanced with pain relieving and anti-inflammatory components, emu oil products also soothe sore muscles and joints and reduce discomfort offering a quick rest from leg cramps, muscle pulls aches, and pains. Emu oil has an increased use in the sports industry. The evidence is in its various products present in both fitness centers and professional sports teams all across the globe.

14. Finally, the natural anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and cell regeneration qualities of emu oil assist in repairing minor wounds quickly and with minimal scarring. These similar qualities have also been shown to aid in reversing the effects of hair loss as well as certain chronic skin disorders.

Uses Of Emu Oil on Scarring

Benefits of Using Emu Oiln

Emu oil has many benefits to the skin, including treating dry skin, burns, eczema, rashes, cuts, and other conditions related to the skin surface. It can also be a useful first aid remedy to minimize the risk of infection whereas enhancing healing. Not only is Emu oil all-natural, but it is also non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and does not irritate, making it easy to use on any part of your body, including delicate parts. Because of these advantages, many people have started calling it a cure-all for all skin problems, including scarring.

Emu Oil is Anti-inflammatory

The most popular use of emu oil is its application as an anti-inflammatory product. It also has compounds that have antioxidant qualities. In a report published in the journal Nutrition, researchers identified that the potent anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil might be beneficial in treating conditions such as:

The skin readily absorbs emu oil. It can assist in retaining skin moisture, making the skin less susceptible to either drying out or cracking. Emu oil may help lessen skin damage linked with cancer radiation. It is evident that emu oil can pass this absorbable feature on to other compounds when they are blended. This quality may explain why manufacturers of emu oil regularly blend it into moisturizers containing other helpful compounds.

Emu Oil Activates Your Skin Cells

The research also signals that spreading emu oil onto your skin surface may assist in increasing the number of vibrant skin cells. Emu oil activates the skin to lessen the visibility of skin wrinkles, and revive aging or sun-damaged skin.nEmu oil has also been useful for application in the skin conditions treatment, such as seborrheic dermatitis and skin wounds. It may also help with shingles alopecia, rosacea, and hypopigmentation.n

Emu Oil Antioxidant Property Heals Wounds

Due to its painkilling effect, antioxidant levels, and ability to penetrate deep into the skin, you can apply emu oil to small burns, wounds, cuts, or bruises.nIt can assist in lessening the pain of minor wounds, and antioxidants may help guard the skin from additional harm.n

Emu Oil Stimulates the Skin

Research shows that rubbing emu oil to the skin may help accelerate the number of healthy skin cells. Emu oil stimulates the skin to minimize the appearance of skin wrinkles, and rejuvenate aging or sun-destroyed skin.nEmu oil has also been recommended for application in the treatment of skin problems, such as skin wounds and seborrheic dermatitis. It may also assist with hypopigmentation, alopecia, rosacea, and shingles.n

Emu Oil as Bug Repellant

Rubbing emu oil to the skin before heading outdoors can aid repel insects. This is partly because of the substances known as terpenes contained in the oil. Many insects are repelled or disoriented by terpenes, and putting the oil on exposed skin can help manage the bugs.n

Emu Oil Reduces Cholesterol

When taken orally, emu oil may minimize cholesterol in the body.nA research conducted in 2004, found that hamsters that ingested either emu oil had significantly lower cholesterol levels than those people that consumed coconut oil in their diet. More researches are required to substantiate these reports, but the results are promising.n

Emu Oil for Breast Sensitivityn

Emu oil may also minimize the breast sensitivity common in breastfeeding mothers. When newborns fasten onto the breast, some women may feel pain resulting from an improper latch. This can result in pain, engorgement, soreness, cracked, and dry skin. These signs may be severe enough to make some new mothers stop breastfeeding.

Researchers discovered that when breastfeeding mothers used an emu-based cream for a day starting soon after delivery, the nipple skin and breast areola was more hydrated.

Nonetheless, more research is required before guidelines for breastfeeding will alter to contain emu oil. Before feeding her baby, a woman should clean her nipple and breast with a warm cloth to get rid of any residual oil since emu oil has not been declared safe for infants and children to ingest. A mother can also be allergic to emu oil.

Risks of Using Emu Oil

Even though Emu oil is a natural product, there are few documented side effects of applying it on the skin. Some individuals might experience skin irritation when rubbing emu oil directly to the skin as a topical ointment. An individual should apply a small amount of emu oil to a small area of skin, like the back of one hand to avoid skin irritation.

If an allergic reaction occurs, the person should stop using Emu oil. It may also be essential to consider the source of the emu oil. Emus survive when they have plenty of room to roam and can eat a rich diet. Low-quality living conditions may cause inferior quality oil. It is best to purchase oil from a reputable source, especially because the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate Emu oil production.

Pregnant women or lactating mothers should consult their doctor before using emu oil. It is essential to ask your doctor about the possible uses of emu oil and if it can have negative effects on a pregnancy. Emu oil is accessible for purchase online. However, you should check first with a health care provider to ensure it is suitable for you to use.

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