Does coconut oil remove cellulite?

Coconut oil can help reduce cellulite when massaged on the affected skin. This will reduce the dimples and lumps and hence get rid of cellulite. A lot of people are affected by cellulite. It is a dreadful topic because it brings so much frustration and unhappiness. Today we will discuss how coconut oil can help remove or reduce cellulite to bring back your happiness and satisfaction.

What Is Cellulite?

Defining Cellulite

Cellulite is formed when fat collects around our hips, butt, thighs, and abdomen. This leaves your skin with a dimpling look, similar to cottage cheese, for instance. It looks really unappealing and makes you extremely conscious of your choice of wardrobe. This condition of the skin becomes highly visible when the connective cords holding the skin and muscles underneath produce a fat layer in between, making a sandwich. The dimpling is triggered due to the pushing of the excess fat onto the skin.

Cellulite isn't extremely unusual. In fact, a lot of ladies, especially those in their teens and middle age, are susceptible to it. It may sound a bit surprising, however, genes play an essential part in the formation of cellulite. And it is also true to say that overweight people are more prone to it as compared to the much healthier ones.

What oil is best for cellulite?

Why coconut oil?

The health advantages of coconut oil are popping up all over. Another one on the list of coconut enthusiasts is that it reduces cellulite. When used on the skin, coconut oil might work by decreasing the appearance of cellulite in some people.

Cellulite refers to the skin on the butts, hips, thighs, and abdominal area that appears to have dimples or lumps. It has a comparable appearance to an orange peel or cheese curds and is frequently discovered in women from teenage years into their adult years. It isn't a serious health concern, but many people find it embarrassing for cosmetic factors.

The objective of massaging coconut oil straight into the affected skin is to minimize the look of those lumps and dimples. It's also easy to use. Due to its low melting point, coconut oil can be melted in the palm of your hand and rubbed into the skin.

How do you use coconut oil for cellulite?

How To Use Coconut Oil For Cellulitis?

Coconut oil can be used in more than one way to reduce cellulite. Here are five common ways to use coconut oil for cellulite.

Consuming Coconut Oil

One approach to use coconut oil is to consume it every day. Since coconut oil is widely used in recipes, you can either use it in your day to day cooking, or you can simply take two tablespoon every time before your daily workout routine.  While everybody may not be comfortable with the concept of consuming coconut oil, it is not so difficult. The subtle way is to use coconut oil for cooking. Moreover, you can also blend it with foods and beverages. Consuming coconut oil will boost your body's natural weight loss procedure and aid burn cellulite too. Two to three tablespoons of the oil with food should be sufficient.

Applying Coconut Oil On Cellulite - Affected Places

Applying coconut oil on the body is the simplest method to do away with cellulitis. Use virgin coconut oil on a daily basis to massage the areas of your body that are affected by cellulite. Virgin coconut oil is quickly absorbed by the human skin breaking the fatty deposits in the cells. It also nourishes the skin making it look younger, smoother and softer.

Coffee and Coconut Oil For Cellulite

Making a homemade scrub of coffee and coconut oil is another fantastic way of reducing cellulite. In addition, this scrub will make your skin smooth and soft.

Mix the coffee beans with coconut oil and sugar to make a natural scrub that will help in reducing cellulite. The raw and rough texture of sugar and coffee will work as an exfoliant, opening the blocked pores while coconut oil will guarantee proper hydration in the skin. This mix also promotes correct lymph/blood circulation in the body. It is best to use warm coconut oil to make this mix.

What You Need for the Coffee and Coconut Oil Mix?
What you need to do to prepare the coffee and coconut oil mix?

Mix the ingredients to form a paste. Keep it in a glass jar, and heat it just before using. The raw and rough texture of sugar and coffee will work as an exfoliant, opening the blocked pores while coconut oil will guarantee proper hydration in the skin. The smell of coffee also has a stimulating impact.

Massage this scrub successfully on the impacted areas using firm pressure. Wash it off after 15 minutes. For the best results, use it a couple of times a week, preferably three times. You will begin to see significant changes after about two weeks of constant use. 

Dry Brush and Coconut Oil For Cellulite

This is a popular method to get rid of cellulite too. First, coconut oil is used in the areas of the skin affected by cellulite. Then, a dry brush is used to massage these areas. For best results, select a natural, ideally vegetable-based brush. Avoid using the ones made with synthetic fibers. Applying coconut oil right away after a hot shower and then rubbing your skin with a brush promotes your body's lymphatic system.

This technique further helps in eliminating contaminants and fats accumulated in the cells because it opens up the pores. Dry brushing also helps to eliminate dry skin on the elbows, ankles, and kneecaps. This guarantees tighter skin and the correct blood circulation to all the organs.

The Perfect Way To Dry Brush For Cellulite

Slather your body well with coconut oil. Now, brush your body in circular movements, starting from feet and after that to legs, chest, abdominal area, and arms. On your stomach, ensure you brush counterclockwise. Use long sweeps to brush and completely avoid going all backward and forward. Attempt not to scrub too hard as it might cause burns and soreness. Dry brush right before a shower, this is the best time to do so. When you shower, the excess oil will then wash off. You can use this technique two times a day.

Coconut And Essential Oil Mix

All of us know the principle of carrier oils and essential oils, however, did you know that blending them can help us get rid of cellulite? Well, that's true. You can mix pure coconut oil with essential oils like lavender or citrus oils. Apply it on the cellulite-affected skin parts. This works marvels and helps liquefy excess fat kept under the skin layers.

Ways To Augment Cellulite Removal

Consuming and applying coconut oil topically will help in reducing cellulite to a degree. Nevertheless, you ought to not believe that these approaches alone will be enough in removing it completely. You need to take further action to eliminate cellulite and prevent its reoccurrence. There are various ways to do that. 

Have alkaline foods to remove cellulite

Include alkaline foods like green leafy veggies and fresh fruits in your diet plan. These foods help avoid the formation of acidic atmosphere in the body that paves the way for cellulite development.

Fluids rid cellulite the best

Drink a lot of water and not forgetting fresh fruit juices. This helps discard toxic substances from the body cells. You likewise need to stop the consumption of caffeinated drinks and OTC energy drinks.

Sweat Your Cellulite Fat Out

Working out is extremely important if you wish to remove cellulite. If you can not go to the gym daily, running or biking are good alternatives too. Aerobic exercise is also another way to go. Attempt to do exercises that target your legs, stomach muscles, and the pelvic region in particular.

Seek medical assistance for cellulite removal

You might also take medical assistance to create a suitable diet plan that helps in cellulite removal. For people who have cellulite running in their genes, eliminating it might require several approaches.

Side effects and risks of using coconut oil to remove cellulite

Possible risks of using coconut oil 

It's possible to be allergic to coconut and its oil. Do a patch-test on a small area to see how you react with the oil before using it. Watch out for itching, inflammation, and hives. In case of anything, stop using the oil and call your doctor. In some cases, coconut oil can trigger acne (especially if utilized on oily facial skin). Apply moderately as you start to try out coconut oil on your skin. You may find that it triggers irritation, or that its texture feels unpleasant to you.

Although some health advocates motivate consumption of coconut oil as a health and weight loss supplement, this might not be a great concept. Coconut oil has extremely high amounts of calories and saturated fat, which might be against your weight reduction targets. Speak with your doctor before consuming a lot of coconut oil as a supplement.

Home remedies for cellulite

How to remove cellulite at home?

Massage for cellulite

Professional massage sessions can help get rid of cellulite. Massage therapists reduce your cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage. This will also help stretch your skin tissues and hence stretch your cellulite dimples as well. Regular massage sessions will definitely reduce your cellulite.

Bioactive collagen peptides for cellulite

A lot of supplements process overnight results for your cellulite. While this is not true, bioactive collagen peptides can help with time. This supplement can be used by women who have a healthy weight and also those who have unhealthy weights. It is administered over six months, and the results are very promising. However, there is little research on the effectiveness of these supplements on cellulite.

Try self-tanning to reduce cellulite

The theory here is that cellulite is less visible in darker skin. Tanning may, therefore, help conceal it. This is a very cheap and practical solution for cellulite. First, you should exfoliate so that the self-tanners work properly and give you a more even application. Remember to avoid tanning salons or tanning in the sun as this may bring problems to your skin.

Drink plenty of water to reduce your cellulite

This solutions for most problem also works to reduce cellulite. Water helps to remove toxins in our bodies. These toxins, if not removed, can lead to fat accumulation. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water will help in circulation and lymphatic flow.

If you are medically overweight, reduce your weight to reduce cellulite

Cellulite does not only appear in people who are overweight. People with a healthy weight and even underweight will experience this condition. However, if you are overweight, then reducing your weight will greatly reduce the dimples on the thigh. Try out different routines in the effort to reduce your weight.

Can exercise get rid of cellulite?

There are exercises designed to tighten the skin around the thigh area. These legs and glute exercises will reduce your cellulite. Thick skin and strong muscles may be what you need to reduce cellulite. Some of these exercise routines include squats, jump squats, leg kickbacks, step ups, and side to side exercise. Remember, these exercise routines should be done consistently. As you get used to the routines, you should also increase the quantity and time you spend doing them. There are also some aerobics and strength exercises that can help with your cellulite. They include; cycling, hiking, swimming, running, walking and dancing.

Lifestyle changes to reduce your cellulite

Most of the time, cellulite cannot be completely avoided or removed. It comes with age and some lifestyle choices. While you can't do anything about your age, you can make some lifestyle changes. This can reduce the amount of cellulite on your thighs.

Conclusion on using coconut oil to remove cellulite

While there is no permanent way to remove cellulite, coconut oil can do some good. You can massage the oil on your body or mix it with a host of other ingredients. There also other home remedies that might help you reduce cellulite as discussed.

How to tighten skin?

To make our skin tighter, eat healthily, exfoliate your skin, limit UV exposure, and use

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